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STESU - ST Engineering Executives MOU

22 February 2024

At the Singapore Airshow 2024, STESU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ST Engineering Ltd to formalise and further the representation of executives within the company.

🧐 Fun Fact! Did you know that PMEs can also join as union members? ST Engineering is an all collar union with representation from rank and file all the way to executives level. 

PMEs can benefit through the union on the following:
✅ Greater workplace representation and workplace support

✅ Support in workplace advice or grievance mediation

✅ Opportunity to negotiate for better wages and benefits

✅ Wide range of professional development and support programs e.g., UTAP Funding 

Click here for more details on the benefits as a STESU member!

Executives' MOU Signing: About
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